Foundation services

Our vision is to facilitate a process that helps the elderly, frail and poor on a local and, eventual global level.

Uzuh wants to translate the advocacy work he’s conducted for over 20 years in Austin to obtain some of the most basic necessities of a functioning healthcare system.

  • Provide free or minimal cost health treatment for rural Nigerian region starting with Igbodo, Delta State of Nigeria
  • Provide medical supply and pharmaceutical inventory for already developed rural clinic in Delta State of Nigeria
  • Testing and treatment for HIV/AIDs, Diabetes Mellitus, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and other pressing African health issues
  • Facilitate training and scholarships for visiting clinic fellowships, in addition to on-site training of Nigerian clinicians and health care workers
  • Establish community scholarships amongst residents of Obi of Igbodo, Delta State of Nigeria to learn emergency medical and CPR training
  • Using partnerships with U.S. companies and pharmaceutical distributors to develop a full-resource medical center that meets the urgent and immediate needs of this community
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