Foundation Concept

Our vision is to facilitate a process that helps the elderly, frail and poor on a local and, eventual global level.

The Uzuh's mantra is “putting money back directly into communities” and the agency and Foundation are natural outgrowths of their experiences working, one, as a home health aid in Austin, TX and the other's desire to match a doctorate in economics with what was really going on in certain populations in Texas.

Sunday “Sunny” Uzuh, frustrated with the impersonal nature of economic analysis and how it abstracts the state of healthcare for the poor, particularly the personal experience of those inflicted with HIV and other maladies in Austin and Africa, inaugurated, with the help of his wife and partner, Rosy Uzuh, the Rosy Health Care Foundation as a way to bridge American resources with Third World deprivation in Africa. The two organize prevention programs and health fairs to aid uninsured people in Austin, an effort they are replicating in Nigeria, with the construction of a full-fledged emergency care facility.

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